Up Up & Above

The children are born with a vast amount of energy, as well as innate, primordial need to spend that energy on moving their muscles and exploring their surroundings.

‘Up Up & Above’, is the perfect means of satisfying this need! It’s a three-leveled play maze full of obstacles and challenges for the children to move, clamber, crawl, stretch and climb, in order to defeat the “obstacles”. Here children will discover new and more complex motor skills, such as sliding, lifting and stretching by using their bodies to interact with the gym setup. Through these interactions, children will have endless freedom to explore their bodies and the capabilities they possess. These interactions and exercises will also enable the children to sharpen their physical and mental coordination, which is crucial in executing activities that require far more control and precision.

Gains – Enter Any Season, Stimulates Creativity, Body & Mind Workout, Funfilled yet Educational.