‘Totsville’ at YayA provides toddlers a sensory soft play to stimulate their senses, including the sense of balance and awareness of the body in their surroundings.

‘Totsville’ understands the importance of providing young ones with a clean, safe, secure and fun environment for them to encourage movement and interactions which ordinarily might prove to be a challenge. Pillows, cushions, bolsters, wedges and tunnels encourage exploration, creativity, motor planning and gross motor abilities. Kids can work on stepping, climbing, crawling, jumping and rolling without fear of injury. Having an open space with good sensory input can provide just the sensory-motor diet needed to move and learn. With proper education, one can learn moment, speech and language skills.

Gains – Develops Social Skills, Encourages Creativity, Safe & Secured, Keeps Active & Healthy, Build Confidence, Physical Development.