Play dates


YayA believes’ Play dates ‘to be one of those play situations that is beneficial in the development of social, emotional, cognitive, language and physical domains in children. In today’s world of over-scheduled kids and families, unstructured playtime with a friend can be a nice break.
Organize a play date at YayA for your children and their peers enthralling them into the world of gigantic slides, tunnels, climbers, digger, a world of imagination and creativity with real-life experiences in a safe and stimulating environment. While the children enjoy the company of their peers and explore their senses, parents/caregivers can enjoy the company of other moms and dad too. Our café, ’Grub Hub’ is the perfect spot for parents to grab a delicious cup of coffee, for kids to grab a snack to fuel the fun, or for families and friends to have a wholesome post play meal.