Our Story

About us

YayA is all about laughs, adrenaline, and adventure

Play is the highest form of research

– Albert Einstein

YayA is a brainchild of two sets of a parent with one motto to create a space where our young kids can do what they naturally do – i.e, learn through play… and play they did! We are passionate about positive play and the power of imagination. YayA is a hub of delights to stimulate a child’s body and mind. Come to YayA and enhance your fun quotient.

Ever notice a child’s fascination when they discover something for the first time? YayA celebrates and creates those moments of joy and amazement. YayA is a fun oasis for children.

Each space has been thoughtfully designed to inspire, stimulate imagination and curiosity and spark of the joy of learning. YayA Playzone provides the ideal situation for kids to come

together, play, socialize and develop their skill sets.